OneTwoTrade Affiliate Review

OneTwoTrade is a rising star in the binary options industry. With an affiliate program to match, the company is renowned for its reliable trading platform and transparent withdrawal policies.
Founded in 2011, OneTwoTrade is characterized by an extensive asset base, dedicated customer service, timely market insights, deep educational resources and, increasingly, a first class affiliate program.

Quick Review

Key Points
Available Platforms SpotOption Platform
Assets Over 350 assets spanning currencies, commodities, stocks and indices
Bonus & Promotions Offer generous bonuses on deposits, typically ranging from 20%-200%
Minimum Deposit $250
Average Payout 85% return on invested capital
Support Danish, German, English,French, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese
Payment Methods Credit card, MoneyBookers/Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller, Wire transfer



  • OneTwoTrade is regulated by an official government body operating within the EU. The company has made great strides since it was founded in 2011, and is now widely considered to be one of the leading brokers in the binary options industry.
    OneTwoTrade has invested heavily in the development of tools that make binary options trading entertaining, enjoyable and profitable. The company offers its clients a combination of advanced trading tools coupled with an extensive asset base. As a result, the experience of trading with OneTwoTrade is among the very best trading experiences available to retail investors.
    The characteristic which most sets OneTwoTrade apart from its competitors, aside from its stellar customer service, is its commitment to supporting trader education. This commitment to trader education is reflected in the various online learning tools which the company offers – including video tutorials, eBooks and in-depth articles – coupled with its live, one-on-one training seminars. Additionally, the company provides regular updates on market developments for the purpose of informing its clients about emerging trading opportunities.
    OneTwoTrade offers a wide variety of account types. Regardless of whether a trader is just starting out and is interested in making a minimum deposit ($250), or whether a trader is experience and is interested in opening a VIP account, OneTwoTrade’s helpful accounts team are very accommodating. Moreover, withdrawals from OneTwoTrade accounts are handled promptly and reliably.

  • OneTwoTrade offers all of the classic binary options trading features and more. An interesting and unique aspect of its trading solution is a feature called ‘Roll-Over’. Roll-over enables traders to increase their profits by extending the time-to-expiry on an option that is already being traded. This feature, though not free, gives traders the opportunity to increase their chance of transforming a losing position into a winning position.
    Another unique aspect of the OneTwoTrade offering is a feature called ‘Double Up’. Double Up, as the name suggests, enables traders to increase the profitability of an existing trade by creating a replica of that trade. If a trader is ‘in the money’ and chooses to Double Up, he or she can practically double the profits that result from his or her successful trade.
    It is also worth pointing out that OneTwoTrade was among the early movers in the mobile trading revolution. The company offers a full-featured set of mobile applications for iOS and Android. These applications, which are available for free to OneTwoTrade clients, enable investors to monitor and execute trades on the move.

  • OneTwoTrade’s trading platform is accessible via any modern web browser. As a result, OneTwoTrade’s client base is able to manage and execute trades from anywhere that they have access to a computer and an internet connection. After logging in to the OneTwoTrade platform, clients can manage their accounts – by adding funds, for example – as well as perform analysis on the markets. And executing trades on the platform is extremely simple and intuitive: simply select the asset, select the expiry time and amount, and choose the direction that you expect the underlying asset to take in the near future.
    The OneTwoTrade platform presents traders with a refreshingly uncluttered interface that is easy to understand and equally easy to use. A nice aspect of the platform is the way that it presents the various option types that are available for trading. Users can navigate to different option types – Classic Binary Options, Short Term Options, Long Term Options and more – by using the tabbed navigation menu presented at the top of the trading area.
    With OneTwoTrade, binary options traders can be confident that their trades are settled in a reliable fashion within milliseconds of trade execution. Moreover, the company adheres to the highest security standards, so traders can achieve a certain peace of mind knowing that their trades, and their funds, are not going to be compromised by malicious software threats.

  • OneTwoTrade Affiliate Dashboard
    The OneTwoTrade affiliate program operates as HasOptions (, a division of OneTwoTrade that is run by some of the most experienced people in the binary options affiliate business. The program offers a range of generous payout plans which cover a wide range of geographical areas.
    OneTwoTrade Affiliate Marketing Materials
    HasOptions provides its affiliates with a rich set of marketing materials. The materials center around a variety of funnels that the company has created, each of which focuses on a particular offer or aspect of binary options trading that is intended to attract new end customers. These funnels typically include a range of marketing materials such as banners (various sizes), landing pages and email swipes.
    The company continues to expand the variety of its collateral so that affiliates can choose to focus on addressing a specific customer niche. Among other special market segments, the company is developing a strong capability for addressing the needs of persons of Islamic faith who wish to trade binary options in a way that adheres to the principles of their religion.
    As the HasOptions program reaches maturity, the company continues to roll-out new marketing materials on a weekly basis, so HasOptions affiliates can be confident that they will have access to fresh collateral.
    OneTwoTrade Affiliate Manager
    After signing up for HasOptions, new affiliates are contacted by their affiliate manager. The affiliate manager will seek information from you regarding your intentions for generating leads for OneTwoTrade. The more details that you are able to provide, the more effectively the HasOptions affiliate manager will be able to assist you in making sure that you have a fruitful partnership with the company. HasOptions is known to regularly help its affiliates with unique landing pages and banners, though such requests are obviously handled on a case-by-case basis.
    OneTwoTrade Affiliate Payouts
    HasOptions’ payouts to affiliates are generous and, like most affiliate programs, vary considerably along geographic lines. The company increases the CPA according to a series of volume thresholds. The first threshold is ‘Up to 20 Traders’, the second is ‘21-40 Traders’, and the third is ‘40+ Traders’. HasOptions has structured the commissions in such a way as to ensure that its affiliates are maximally incentivized to generate as many high-quality leads as possible.