Chart Patterns V: Triple Tops and Bottoms

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A triple top is the same charting pattern as the double top with an extra relative high that touches the same resistance level. A triple top creates a strong resistance level and a neckline connecting the two relative lows in the middle of the pattern. A trader should enter a short position when the daily candle closes below the neckline of the triple top.

The entry point should be set a few points beneath the low of the candle that first closed below the neckline.

The triple bottom is similarly an extension of the double bottom. It simply contains an additional relative low on the chart that touches the same price as the two that preceded it. The triple bottom is a solid support level and can be a basis for entering a long position if it holds for a third time – particularly if there are additional indicators confirming a reversal at the triple bottom. Alternatively, a more conservative trader could also wait until the price closes above the neckline and buy when the following candle surpasses the high for the first candle. This is essentially the same logic utilized in trading the triple top, whereby traders place short orders to sell an asset at a few points beneath the low of the first candle that closes beneath neckline.