Chart Patterns I: Introduction to Reversal Patterns and Continuation Patterns

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There are two major ways to trade the financial markets: swing trading and trend following. Swing traders use technical analysis to look for short-term price movement and capture gains in a relative short-term period. They look for the price patterns … Continued

Candlestick VII: Candlestick Patterns Confirming Reversals

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Candlestick patterns are used to confirm reversals. Often when a price moves towards a support or resistance level, it is unclear for several periods on the chart whether it is going to break through or reverse. Intraday penetrations of important … Continued

Candlestick VI: Using Candlestick Patterns in Trending Markets

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Using candlestick patterns to trade trending markets can be an extremely useful tool to profit from exchange rate movement. The process is simple: Identify the overall trend Look for a retracement Look for a candlestick pattern to confirm a reversal … Continued

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