Candlestick IV: Thrust Day and Run Day

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A thrust day

An up-thrust day is when the close for the current period surpasses the previous period’s close. A down-thrust day is when the close for the current period is below the previous period’s close.

Similar to spike and reversal days, thrust days signify both the strength in the market as well as the possibility of directional reversals. A series of up-thrust days would suggest a pronounced up trend, while a series of down-thrust days would indicate a downtrend dictated by seller dominance in the market.

A run day

An up run day occurs when the true high of the run day surpasses the true high for the past N days, and when the true low is less than the minimum true low on the following N days. A down run day is simply the mirror image of an up run day

Run days can be thought of as a trend-following indicator in the sense that they can only be identified N days after the trend has past. As a result, they may not be ideal for forecasting direction, but can be used as confirmation that a clear trend has in fact manifested itself.