An In-depth Insight into the Forex Affiliate Program

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en_img_DEMO_MT4plusclocks_550x480With the advancement in technology and the high demands of life, it is inevitable that we have to expand our vision, indulge in alternatives, put up a good fight to live a hassle free way of life. With that said, the internet has become one of the most accessible avenues for people to make easy cash without actually having to incur travelling and miscellaneous expenses getting to a permanent office. Instead, with only an internet connection, a computer, reliable electricity and good html navigation skills, it is as possible to make money as if you were in an office, sometimes even better. What am I saying? With the popularity of online jobs, online marketing and online trading, the internet exposes quite a wide variety of money making avenue to consider and all of those are not in exception to Forex Affiliation.

What is a Forex Affiliate Program?
Forex affiliate program is a basic referral program initiated by Forex brokers as a way of maximizing their clientele. With the increased competition in the Forex markets, brokers have been rendered desperate in search for new clients leading them to seek Forex affiliation. Forex affiliation is a marketing program where an individual (affiliate) refers others to a certain business or service in exchange for some kind of compensation which is often an agreed commission.

Types of Affiliate compensation options
When venturing into being an affiliate, it is important to remember that we are in the 21stcentury and scam has become a dreadful profession on its own. While Forex affiliation is not served on a silver platter, there will be those brokers known for playing games by delaying commission, cutting down on the earned commission or simply refusing to pay the commission at all. This is more of the reasons why you need to know your broker something you can achieve by either asking around or researching on the internet. When genuine brokers use the services of affiliates, their agreement falls between a variety of compensation options which includes:-

Cost per acquisition – CPA (Cost per acquisition) is a type of compensation paid when a trader signs up for a live account with the site or makes a deposit. The industry standard rate is $150-$250 depending on the deposit although it is likely to rise depending on the size of deposit.

Rebates – This type of compensation means that affiliates are compensated for the volume their clients make.
Cost Per Lead – CPL (Cost per lead) means compensation occurring when a referred trader offers his details on the broker’s page or if the trader signs up for a demo account.

Benefits of Forex Affiliate Programs
The money trading program tags along quite some admirable benefits to the affiliates which include:

-While the chance to be your own boss is rare today, Forex affiliate programs offers flexibility to indulge.
-The commission on referrals is manageable offering a chance to make fast, reliable cash.
-Steady flow of monthly compensation making it a job like any other.
-It offers an unlimited commission earning platform and here maximizing your potential maximizes your benefits too.
-You don’t require any capital to get started.

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