Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

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Affiliate Agreement

When you start a new affiliate relationship, you will receive one of these from the merchant. This agreement outlines the rules, expectations, responsibilities and other legalities on both sides of the relationship.

Affiliate Link

This is the URL link that will be provided to you by your merchant. It is a unique link that will identify you as the affiliate when sending traffic to the merchant’s website. Without this link it won’t be possible to track the traffic and/or the sales generated by your affiliate marketing efforts.

Affiliate Network

There are several third-party networks that help merchants manage their affiliate program on their behalf. Affiliate networks are responsible for recruiting appropriate affiliates. They provide the back-end technology for tracking conversions and reporting on performance. They also ensure that affiliate commissions are paid out on time.

Affiliate networks are helpful for exposing merchants to a wider network of potential affiliates.

Affiliate Program

When a merchant offers a program that allows individuals (i.e. affiliates) to refer people to their products and/or services, it is known as an affiliate program. In return for referrals, the affiliate is paid a predetermined commission.

Affiliate programs are also known as associate, partner, referral or revenue-sharing programs. Here’s some help on how to choose the right affiliate program.