A Diversified Portfolio

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One of the most popular themes in trading the financial markets is “diversifying your portfolio.” This means that instead of investing in just one stock, one should strive to put his money in several different assets. The main benefit of this approach is that it limits your risk. If one asset doesn’t play out the way you wanted, it is still very probable that a different asset you’re trading does go your way.


Diversifying with Binary Options

For those who wish to hone their trading skills, binary options trading is a great starting point because it allows you to practice the art of diversifying your portfolio. As opposed to Forex trading platforms, which only offer you the option of trading currencies, Binary Options companies, like Banc De Binary, let you trade currencies, as well as indices, stocks, and commodities.

The first rule in choosing which assets to put into your portfolio is being prepared to research the asset. Let’s take the oil asset for example. There are many factors which can influence the price of oil, such as, war in the Middle East, oil spills, and earnings reports published by the big oil companies (Exxon, BP…). In order to predict the future price of oil, one must first delve into research. The more research you can do on oil the better. But, why stop there?


In order to increase your chances of profiting, the preferred method would be to not just trade oil, rather to pump-up the portfolio with a variety of assets. If you’re willing to follow the new products and services Facebook and Apple are offering, you have a good chance of making in-the-money trades with those assets. If you have a background in Forex, and prefer the EUR/USD asset, then you can also throw that asset into you portfolio.



Binary options are the perfect stepping stone for truly developing as a financial trader. For example, trades can be made with Banc De Binary on as little as $1. By carefully choosing several assets you wish to trade, and doing the necessary research about those assets, binary options allow the client to trade at his own pace and taste, diversify the portfolio, and squeeze profits from the markets.